Veritas University


Veritas University, Abuja is the Catholic University of Nigeria, a Roman Catholic university founded by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria in 2007, with a mission of providing students with an integral and holistic formation that combines academic and professional training with physical, moral, spiritual, social and cultural formation together with formation of Christian religious principles and the social Teachings of the Catholic Church. The University was given full accreditation on all her programmes by the National Universities Commission after their first visit.

In Veritas University, the students are obligated with the tasks of good Christian lives with promising and positive attitudes that serve as auxiliary to their sincere urge to study judiciously while nurturing the farsightedness in their desperate minds in order to achieve the basic reason why they enrolled into the institution. It is more interesting to see how they communicate like a family. The students are admitted based on their certified qualification, in line with the academic standard that has been put up, and that is why Veritas University accommodates and admits students regardless of their ethnics and religion

Veritas University aims to advance knowledge in the service of God, humanity, truth and society; to promote the highest standards of teaching and learning, research and community service; to produce graduates with practical skills and the ability to engage critically and meaningfully with a society that has more and more alienating, and with the contemporary global culture; and to inculcate in the students the cultivation of moral rectitude in personal and professional life, and the readiness to accept and discharge obligations and responsibilities.

B.Sc Industrial Chemistry
B.Sc Physics with Electronics
B.Sc Applied Microbiology
B.A. English and Literary Studies
B.A. History and International Relations
B.Sc. Accounting
B.Sc. Marketing and Advertising
B.Sc. Economics
B.Sc. Political Science and Diplomacy


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