Tips on How Women Sum Up On First Impression



Guys I hate to break it to you but we are already in the friend-zone when we meet a woman, like it or not. It’s true and I’ll tell you why, a woman makes a mental decision upon first impression whether she can bring herself to sleep with you or not. If you aren’t a guy that’s impressive enough to stand apart as a worthwhile partner or and exciting side-piece, guess what? BINGO! You’re going to be a friend for life and she won’t even tell you.

A man really cannot control this fact outside of doing his best not to mess his chances up by turning into a douchebag. Women can write down a million things on paper as to what they want in a man and you can be her solid prototype and she will lock her legs on some old “I can’t see myself getting with someone that got my number in the club”. Any one miscellaneous variable can trump your chances and this is what makes it such a crapshoot.

The funny guy that is short and not so attractive to a chick can immediately change her list to null and void if she wants to jump his bones. Like I said you cannot gauge a woman’s feelings on this.

So How Do I Know Whether I Am In or Out?

Most men of worth put a certain time limit on the courtship phase and this number varies with every man. Many of us can pick up on the fact that we are a male “girlfriend” and not a potential sex partner pretty early on in the dating phase.

Once you decide that you’re being strung along it will be up to you to cut her off being that most women have no qualms with stringing men along for the ride while she looks for her next match. There is nothing sadder than seeing a man chase after a woman that he has no chance of getting all because he doesn’t know this simple act.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just ask a woman after the first date “so do you see yourself having sex with me ever?” Just to see whether we should continue dating or move on to prospect number 2? Of course women would not be cool with this because then the Nice Guy collection that many have at the ready would diminish greatly.

Gentlemen, I have done you a solid by revealing this little secret and I would advise you to take this knowledge and apply it wisely. Stop wasting your time with women that aren’t interested in you and find one who sees you as a real mate and not part of a collection.


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