Elephant Bar



Elephant Bar is a popular restaurant with an extensive menu, from cocktail and mixed grill and grilled croaker fish for meat and seafood lovers. Located within Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, Elephant Bar offers guests bubbly and dynamic atmosphere suitable for kicking off the night or hanging out after a hard day’s work. Your day isn’t quite complete in Abuja without a stop over at the Elephant Bar where guests will find delicious cuisine to wet their appetite.


The Elephant Bar is located in the Sheraton Hotel Abuja. This is a great little spot! It opens around 7 PM I think, but doesn’t get busy until around 10PM. There is no cover charge for hotel guests, and no cover at all during the week. Weekends is 500 Naira ($4 US), I think. The weekends bring incredible live music from local bands. These bands were jammin’ the weekend I stayed there. From JUJU to R&B they covered a wide variety of styles and kept the energy level very high.

Elephant Bar is a top stop guests that want to enjoy a sip of their favourite drink while listening to soul-stirring music from the bar live band. Opening unto an outdoor terrace, you’ll love sitting there and watching the evening unfold. Elephant Bar is an adults only bar and lounge with a minimum age restriction of 18.


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