Abuja Muslim Forum (AMF) wants NASS to probe Nigeria’s UN no-vote


The Abuja Muslim Forum (AMF) has urged the National Assembly to probe the abstention of Nigeria from voting for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

President of the association Malam Luqman Amoo and Secretary-General Murtala Abd al-Rahman in a statement yesterday also urged Christians and Muslims to dissociate themselves from the self-serving manner in which the country was represented at the UN and contrary to the humanitarian value the nation has been known for.

“This inglorious outing of Nigeria at the UN became all the more regrettable as a result of the fact that Nigeria’s vote would have enabled Palestine to gather the required nine votes needed for the UN to compel Israel to end its illegal and bloody occupation of the Palestinian territory and thereby failing woefully to stand for global justice and peace at the most needed time” the statement said.

It added that while President Goodluck Jonathan may not care about the feelings of both Muslims and Christians, he should know that his action has made him and his government share in the responsibility for the continued murder and persecution of Palestinian Muslims and Christians alike by Israel.



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